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My News Splash (Google Sniper 2.0: Reviews George Brown's Revolutionary Autopilot System)
Google Sniper 2.0: Reviews George Brown's Revolutionary Autopilot System



Inarguably, Internet marketing is a proven lucrative online apportunity that many don't seem to grasp as it is believed that it often involves a lot of complex strategies and tools for it to produce results. Today,, a review site on business, events, products, and trends, reviews Google Sniper 2.0 which is George Brown's revolutionary autopilot money-making system.


According to the official website of George Brown, Geogle Snipping refers to an income generation system whereby an affiliate marketer would have to develop a 'sniper' site that has the inherent potential to rank exceptionally high in search engines, especially "The term 'sniper' is being used to conote the fact that the site does not need any of the traffic generation techniques out there. Webmasters who build sniper sites don't have to worry about getting visitors to their sales page or sites. Google will send organic traffic to the sniper sites at no cost," states


Quoting George Brown, the review site says, "Google Sniper 2.0 eliminates the need for article marketing, ppc campaigns, link-building formulas, social media marketing, classifieds, and other forms of traffic-getting strategies." To that effect, Google Sniper has generated some skepticism, doubts and controversies that question the insanity of George Brown, the creator of the autopilot income system. 

"Google Sniper is not a software application. Rather, it is a combination of a 104-page e-book and video series that clearly explain how an internet marketer can find a niche, research high-traffic keywords, develop a sniper side in 2 hours, and begin to generate income in a short time. The sniper site has to be set up once and for all, and it would generate cash for a lifetime," affirms. 


It's been reported as well that the aim of George Brown is to provide effective short cuts to affiliate marketing profits. In terms of its benefits, newbies in Internet Marketing would be able to earn income without the usual traffic hassles associated with the industry. They no longer have to bother about getting customers to buy from them. Moreover, George Brown himself has been using the system for years, and he has been making 5-figure income on autopilot. 


For more information on the Google Sniper 2.0 developed by George Brown, an industry expert in IM, go to



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